Our Team

The Client Service team at Advitek is ready to partner with you on your next research project. We bring decades of research experience to the table!

Joyce Rees

Joyce has more than 35 years of research experience as both a buyer and supplier of research services. Joyce began her career with the Bank of Nova Scotia working her way to become the Manager of their Marketing Research department before founding Advitek in 1982. She conducted quantitative and qualitative research projects in addition to managing a team of five senior research consultants in the early years of the company when it operated as a full-service research consultancy.

The research expertise that Joyce provides as both a former consultant and a research buyer allows Advitek to understand our clients’ perspective and offer legitimate study and questionnaire design assistance when needed.

Bob Rees
Vice President - Technology and Operations

Bob is a co-founder of Advitek and brings extensive expertise in three key fields: Data processing, software development and management consulting. He has spent more than 35 years in the computer technology field, pioneering the development of advanced computer systems for both the international airline industry and Canadian banking.

These skills, together with the research knowledge he has gained at Advitek, have been vital to the successful development of our Tapestry Research Software. In addition to leading our software development team, Bob is responsible for maintaining the high degree of efficiency and quality control that is the trademark of our operations unit.

Steve Yudin
Vice President

Steve manages the client services team at Advitek and ensures our clients receive a first-class experience from start to finish. He provides advice for proceeding through the data collection phase, the questionnaire setup, intercept logistics, and the deliverables. Steve works effectively with the hands-on client who enjoys following field progress day by day as well as the hands-off type who prefers minimum involvement and just wants us to ‘get it done’.

Steve has extensive experience in research methodologies such as telephone, qualitative, and online as well as CAPI. He brings more than 25 years of experience managing field operations and taking care of clients for some of North America’s leading research providers, such as Canadian Facts and Research House.

A field operations professional, Steve has taught courses on Supervising and Managing data collection teams for CAMRO, a predecessor to the Market Research and Intelligence Association.

The Data Collection Department

Advitek’s Project Managers are solid professionals who will staff, brief, and track your study day to day. Prior to their tenure at Advitek, they had years of experience with leading companies in the industry, such as Ipsos and Research House.

As well as managing our national crew of supervisors and team leaders, they lead a team of literally hundreds of interviewers across the country.

See the section Across Canada/USA to see how widespread the Advitek team is and where we have helped our clients conduct their research.

Advitek’s Data Processing Team

Our programmers and software engineers work long hours to produce the sterling results you and your clients demand. They bring a special expertise to the table for one of Canada’s leading technology-based market research companies.

All questionnaire programming and data handling is completed in-house. We make sure your survey is thoroughly tested before going to field and that data comes back clean. Our team of programmers conducts a rigorous series of checks to make this happen.

They’re a major reason Advitek has a great reputation for error-free and worry-free project execution.