Our Technology

With our team of software professionals, we can tailor our T-CAPI system to accommodate your customized needs.

Advitek is unique in the market research industry for creating its own Windows-based CAPI software called Tapestry. This enables us to adapt it without relying on outside software developers or updates.

Advitek’s T-CAPI research architecture possesses the full logic capabilities of any advanced CATI or online interviewing system. It can handle the most complex of questionnaires – and then some. We use ASUS and Dell handheld computers that run on the Windows Mobile operating system.

Why is T-CAPI better?

Our software makes the interviewing process as easy and convenient as possible for both respondent and interviewer.

Paper surveys for face to face research are a thing of the past. Advitek adopted the paperless survey for face to face ten years ago!

We voice-record open ends. Respondents don’t have to wait for an interviewer to write or keyboard their response. And the interviewer can concentrate on probing and clarifying.

They develop a better rapport so the conversation between the interviewer and respondent is conducted more smoothly. The result is a higher quality, more robust open end to code for your report.

We train our staff on a simple system so they understand by the way the question is displayed when lists are to be read or not - without seeing directives on the computer screen. Fewer written instructions mean fewer distractions and better quality interviewing.

Value – Added T-CAPI

Advitek's T-CAPI powered data collection approach delivers a number of advantages for on-site interviewing over the traditional “paper-and-pencil” method – and over other CAPI systems as well. Not only for our clients, but for all parties involved:

  • More robust verbatim responses thanks to digital voice recording
  • Drastically reduced interviewer error
  • No paper handling/administration
  • Better productivity
  • Shorter interviews/happier respondents
  • Daily electronic shipments of results
  • More effective survey management
  • More efficient performance analysis

With CAPI Manager, the Tapestry software has a unique management support system that ensures all T-CAPI projects are executed efficiently and with the finest quality controls.

When each day’s work is transmitted in from all locations, our Project Managers use CAPI Manager to assess criteria simply not accessible with any other CAPI system:

  • Progress on all quota groups
  • Completion rates by interviewer
  • Record of contact
  • Survey length by interviewer
  • Individual review of completions

Once the computers are shipped back we audit each interviewer on survey questions pre-selected for voice recording and verification.

Until T-CAPI, verification of onsite interviews was not possible. We do it on every project, which is one reason Advitek is recognized with a Gold Seal certification for meeting MRIA quality standards.