Data Collection Services for the Market Research Industry

Advitek’s face to face interviewing capability is well known in the marketing research industry. As a leader in CAPI technology, we’ve conducted hundreds of thousands of interviews using our Tapestry software system on handheld computers. We have few rivals for CAPI interviewing in Canada.

Personal interviewing is our focus and core strength. We apply it in many ways:

  • T-CAPI Interviews on client premises - the application is endless: Mall exit studies for property management firms, in-aisle grocery store intercepts for brand based clients, customer satisfaction studies, point of purchase intercepts in client retail outlets, and more.
  • One on one interviewer administered surveys with pre-recruited respondents: For products or taste testing, for long duration interviews, or for interviewing hard to reach low incidence individuals.
  • Event intercepts: Trade conventions or outdoor public events are an ideal environment for T-CAPI interviewing.
  • Building Tenant Surveys: Lobby surveys with building occupants in support of LEED EB credits for transportation and building comfort.
  • GIS Research: Origin and destination studies
  • Transportation Research: At airports, transportation hubs, or on buses and trains. Our T-CAPI computers are lightweight & portable and do not require access to the Internet, making them perfect for research on the go.
  • Self-administered intercepts: When in a controlled, secure environment and the methodology calls for a self administered approach, we can hand out our user-friendly handheld computers to respondents to complete the survey.
  • Business to business interviews with professionals or business managers in offices or stores.

We offer other related research methodologies:

  • Shop-alongs: In depth semi-structured interviews with pre-recruited or spontaneously recruited respondents in the retail environment.
  • Mystery shopping: Aided by our unobtrusive handheld T-CAPI computers, we have conducted mystery shops in a variety of locales. We can even record results on site when needed for long duration in-depth shops - while maintaining anonymity.
  • Observational: Observing and timing consumers as they shop.
  • Traffic counting.
  • Group interviewing: In a theatre setting with pre-recruited groups, our clients moderate as respondents use our T-CAPI computers in a self-administered interviewing mode.


Effective Management of Data Collection

You want to be confident your data collection partner has tight control on what is going on in the field each day. That’s not easy, considering face to face can often be the most unpredictable and least controllable of all data collection methodologies. Advitek T-CAPI is the solution.

Our skilled and experienced supervisors monitor their interviewing team’s progress, transmit data at the end of each shift, and communicate with us daily. They know our expectations are high.

That’s not enough, though. Our Head Office Project Managers communicate regularly with the supervisors and interviewers in the field. They monitor production and quality using performance assessment tools that are part of our Tapestry technology. The CAPI Manager component of our T-CAPI system allows Project Managers to track quotas automatically, monitor incidence, and analyze interviewer performance through a variety of methods.

Check out our Technology section for more information on how CAPI Manager works.

Early Deliverables

As the field process is ongoing, we can easily and quickly generate a Response Profile: The Advitek topline report, with frequencies and percentages for all closed end questions in the survey. They can be produced with up to 5 banner points of your choice, delivered in an easy to read format. This report enables the client to view clean results of the study while still in field.

Although one typically expects these fast turnarounds with only telephone or online methodologies, Advitek can deliver the same results for face to face research.

Since the data is transmitted in daily we can also generate a preliminary data file while data collection is ongoing. This can be an invaluable benefit when you need to study preliminary results - or set up templates for that final report when your client is demanding a swift deliverable.

We also provide the following services:

  • Advice on Questionnaire design
  • T-CAPI Questionnaire programming
  • Transcribing open end verbatim comments
  • Coding
  • Data files in the format of your choice (SPSS, Excel, etc.)
  • Report Generation: Response Profiles & Cross Tabulations with statistical testing